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Headshot Sessions

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3 looks  .....................................  $350 
4 looks  .....................................  $450
5 looks  .....................................  $550

$50 each additional look


3 looks  .....................................  $300

$50 each additional look 


Light retouching ....................$30/picture

* Deposit is to reserve your spot and it's not refundable. 

1) Consultation 
Each actor is unique. Has a unique essence and different life experiences that molded her/him in the human being she/he is today. As your headshot photographer my job is to capture that essence, and make it transparent to the viewer. 

Es-sence : the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality or qualities of something, especially something abstract, that determines its character.

"conflict is the essence of drama"

synonyms:quintessence, soul, spirit, nature; 

Now, what makes you different from the next actor? What are those qualities and how they affect you?

As an actor You will get to play a number of roles , some similar to each other and some completely opposite to each other. Some will display some qualities of your essence, some others, and some roles will seem to be costume tailored to you. Our goal in our headshots session is to target those predominant qualities and play with them, layer them and give your picture the same multilayered presence of your physical person.

We will discuss before your session by phone or sometimes in person about all this. It always help to see previews pictures and understand what types of roles you usually get call in the most. This is an interesting and multifaceted industry and a picture that will stand out and offer a deeper insight of who you are, will help you break the trap of typecasting. 

One more thing to keep in consideration is that sometimes we want so much to be what we are not, that we work against ourselves and our strengths. Sometimes we are our worst judges and we focus on "pretty" and " beauty" instead of striving for authenticity. That puts us right then and there in our heads and it won't allow us to let the best of us shine through the lens. Please remember that: 1) You are the most beautiful self when you are authentic, 2) Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so please don't self sabotage! 3) a "pretty" flat picture won't book you the job, acting is not a beauty contest, it's a service to truth.

2) Preparation
As for anything in this world Preparation is key!
At this point of the game you have already discussed a wide range of issues with me, aka the photographer. Great!
Do your preparation diligently! That means follow the advices and tips that I shared specifically for your own shoot.
Pick couple of options clothing for each of the look you will be shooting, choose outfits that you feel great in and make you feel at ease and in your skin. Favorite colors that will enhance your eyes and skin tone. If you have a favorite outfit that you love to rock bring it along! If you have any doubts about an outfit snap a picture and send it to me, don't be afraid to reach out, more preparation we do before the shoot the better! If you are shopping for your looks don't do it last minute. Take your time and make sure you have all that you need!
Oh and it goes without saying make sure your clothes are clean, and ready to go! 
Make up and Hair
Natural make up, minimal and fresh.  A good and natural make up and well done hair will make a difference in your pictures. Unless you are very good and comfortable doing your own hair and make up,  I suggest you to hire a professional make up artist, and be very very specific describing the natural look you want to achieve.  
Please come camera ready for your first look.
--Make Up tips:

Use a good foundation to even out your skin. Fill in your brows when needed to help them shape your face and give depth your your eyes.  Mascara is definitely recommended. Use and Bring Powder with you to reduce shimmer and shiny spots. If you have oily skin I recommend to bring along some blotter sheets. Be very minimal with blush and lipstick . You can always add more product during the shoot , so let's start small!  Also be aware of the power of color! A Different color blush or lipstick may make you appear very young or way older then your age range. So let's plan small changes in consistency with clothing , look and feel.


We will be mostly shooting on location, so please come camera ready and help your hair with some hairspray or gel if you like me have so many baby fuzzy hair! Maybe treat yourself to a blow-dry bar to give them that extra love and shine.

__Facial hair

Whatever look you are trying to achieve don't stay in between!  If you have a beard, trim it to clean the lines and give it a good well kept shape. If you want a clean shave look, do it well!  If you want to cover both leave it scruffy for the first part of the shoot, and bring a razor to clean it up for the second part. This is a supereasy way to get two drastically different looks out of a single shoot. 

--How long does a headshot session take?
 Since we will mostly shoot on location please allow some extra time! A typical headshot session with 3 clothing changes takes about 2-3 hours. I will shoot as much as it takes to get what we need from each look, usually the first look takes a little longer and as we getting comfortable with each other we take up speed. 
--How long does it take to get my pictures?
Usually you will receive your pictures through a we-transfer file by email within couple of days.
--How many pictures will I get?
You will receive all the good pictures we took on the shoot. I will also point out my favorites if you need help to choose your selection.
--Do I need retouching for my select headshots?
I strongly reccomand to. A light Retouch will help clean the image and make your eyes pop. 
--What's a light retouch?
Clean your skin from blemishes or pimples, even out your skin complexion and soften wrinkles when needed.  Take off those dark circle under your eyes and make them pop. Clean up your hair from fuzz. Small corrections of imperfections and cropping. 
--I love so many of them can I have you retouch 10, and how much will it cost?
Yes of course ! I can retouch as many as you want, I charge $30 dollars per image but I will discount it to $25
per image if you decide to retouch 5 or more.
--Where can I print my digital images?
My favorite Print Lab is Reproduction. They are truly great and they do also retouching if needed. I am sure there is a good lab or two in Atlanta and as soon as I will came across a good one I will let you know! 

 Reproduction  LA (online)

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